Second meeting of the advisory group for the analysis of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina held on mountain Jahorina

GeneralUniversity of Banja Luka

Since 2013 the University of Banja Luka has been a partner institution in the project of the Council of Europe and European Union titled “Strategic Development of Higher Education and Qualification Standards”. The project will last for two years, is financed by IPA funds and has two components: the first one dealing with the analysis of the conditions in the sector of higher of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a roadmap for developing strategic priorities, the second one dealing with the progress in implementing the framework for higher education qualifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a reference to relevance of higher education in society and possibility of employment through developing good practice, with a view to connecting higher education qualifications with professions in five selected fields (agriculture and food processing, engineering, ICT, teacher training).

During the second meeting of the Advisory Group, held on Oct 14th there was a presentation of the analysis of the findings in the following fields of higher education: connecting universities with business environment (labor market), students’ experiences and internationalization of universities, delivered by experts from the UK, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on their visit to higher education institutions.

It was agreed that the Draft version of the completed report to be sent to the members of the Advisory Group for them to submit their comments and amendments, after which the report will be discussed by the members of Steering Committee of the Project in December 2014.

The meting was attended by the representatives of public and private universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Students’ Union of the Republic of Srpska, the Students’ Union of the University of Zenica, representatives of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, representatives of the cantonal ministries of education of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Director of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education institutions of the Republic of Srpska, Director of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education, as well as representatives of the Delegation of European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Council of Europe office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.