Third ‘Children’s University of Bosnia and Herzegovina’ opened at University of Banja Luka

GeneralUniversity of Banja Luka

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Banja Luka hosted the opening ceremony of the manifestation titled ‘Children’s university of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which primary school students from the cities and towns of Mostar, Sarajevo, Doboj, Krupa na Vrbasu and Banja Luka will be provided with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of university as an institution and learn more about their educational perspectives and possible professions.

This is the third stage of the project organized by the WUS Austria Sarajevo office, in cooperation with the University of Banja Luka, taking place in the period of September 22-26. The students were welcomed by Prof. Valerija Saula, telling them that there were many among them who had already thought about their future profession. ’Some of you would like to be a doctor, some would like to become an engineer, journalist or a banker, to run a business of their own. All that is within your reach if you gain proper education at respective colleges.


We would like to help you decide on your own future by giving you insight into how university functions and what it does. With regard to it, the faculty of our university are at your disposal, pointed out Prof. Saula, wishing the students should leave Banja Luka with lasting memories of its beauties and pleasant time spent with their peers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Her wishes were complemented by those of Prof. Dino Mujkic, the representative of the WUS Austria, the organizer of the manifestation. As the official part ended, the programme proceeded with the first lecture and workshop, where the students were welcomed by Prof. Stevo Pucar, representing the host, Faculty of Economics, one of the five faculties of the University of Banja Luka to organize such activities for the students of eight primary schools from the aforementioned cities and towns.

At the very first lecture on some of basic notions from the field of economics, delivered by Prof. Pucar in an age-appropriate manner, the response to which was an active involvement of the students, it became obvious that the idea behind the project was an excellent one.

After the activities at the Faculty of Economics, the programme resumes at the Faculty of Science (Tuesday), Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and Faculty of Agriculture (Wednesday) and Academy of Arts (Thursday).

Apart from lectures and workshops, the students will enjoy guided tours of the city’s amenities and shows and exhibitions in the city’s theatres, cinemas and galleries. The programme of the manifestation is officially closed on Friday, September 26th there will be certificate-awarding ceremony organized at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Banja Luka.