Students and faculty of the Academy of Arts took the initiative to help with the clean-up of the Information and Culture Center in Doboj

FloodsUniversity of Banja Luka

The Academy of Arts in partnership with the National Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Republika Srpska coordinated a task force to help with the on-site cleaning of the Information and Culture Center in Doboj. The institutions of education and culture headquartered in Banja Luka would like to contribute in this capacity and provide the people from the flood-stricken city of Doboj with necessary assistance required to clean up the damaged facilities of education and culture and restore them to operational capacity.

The clean-up operation had been previously scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 21 May. Over sixty students and teachers of the Academy of Arts took part in it, as well as actors and associates of the RS National Theatre. The Museum of Contemporary Arts curators and other employees were also on board and supported the initiative. All those who participated in the clean-up operation hope that the assistance they provided will contribute to a faster pace of recovery of the institutions of culture that have recently come under threat due to the flooding. The Culture Centre is one of those institutions. The Center is home to the traditionally held Teatar fest – theater festival. In the wake of the flooding, Teatar fest has been postponed until further notice.