Study visit of students of the University of Banja Luka to Sarajevo

Science and developmentUniversity of Banja Luka

A group of thirteen students of the University of Banja Luka was in a two-day study visit to Sarajevo on 20th and 21st July 2012.

The first day of visit, the group of Banja Luka students, led by coordinator of the project "Female Side of Politics", in which the visit was realized, was welcomed by the Dr. Zilka Spahic-Siljak and Nejra Nuna Čengić on behalf of the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies at the University of Sarajevo, which presented the work of the Centre and its projects. Students also visited trans-cultural psychosocial educational foundation where the women's peace activism in BiH, women’s human rights in our country and gender equality was discussed with Aida Spahić and Dr. Spahić-Spike. Muamer Logo and Nejra Kadic from the Institute for Youth Development "Cult" spoke about the status of youth in BiH, projects in the "Cult" and the possibilities of improving the situation of young people. 
On the second day of the visit on behalf of the Foundation "Cure" students were welcomed by Ms. Frašto Vedrana, who spoke about feminism and women's activism.
Purpose of the visit, as part of the project "Female Side of Politics" is an affirmation of the concept of gender equality among young people and to overcome prejudices and stereotypes in our society.